Compliance with EN81-28 for elevators with mobile or land-line

No volume commitment                                                                                                   No register fee

               Calls in the mobile and fixed network included                      Data transmission included

Universal web platform for programming and compilance with EN81-28 regulation

In 72horas we posed a challenge before us to make things easier. This is why we came up with a new model of a contract exclusively for maintainers offering a solution to all problems:

  • Waiting for the mobile operator to deliver the NID to the engine room.

  • Bureaucracy in signing the initial contract.

  • Coverage problems because of using an exclusive mobile operator.

  • Defective SIM cards and errors in the billing.

  • Assembling the SIM card and GSM module manually.

  • Low quality and incompatible GSM modules.

72horas provide a global solution. The contract is simple and automatic. You only need to sign an initial contract and then purchase as much lines as you consider. Once the contract is registered all our clients have to do is to validate a purchase order through our web platform and they receive the GSM tracks with embedded SIM card, verified and equipped, fully prepared to be installed.