Thanks to 72horas ECHO TEST system all of the rescue calls made by the technicians to verify the emergency telephones (emergency button, microphone, speaker and phone line) are completely automatic.

72horas ECHO TEST system is activated by a capture of a QR code which is situated in the engine room. From this moment when technicians make a call to test the elevator car, the call is diverted to 72horas cloud and reproduces a message to indicate that the technician has 15 seconds to record a message to identify the installation.

Once this time is elapsed 72horas cloud (the only one on the market exclusively dedicated to the world of elevators) reproduces the recording so the technician could hear and value the quality of the emergency system devices.

Quick and easily the emergency button, microphone, speaker and phone line are tested without the need of the rescue center to attend the phone call.

The 72horas web platform is the only platform that is on-line, free and compatible with all type of emergency telephones and GSM devices. The platform registers, when the ECHO TEST call has been made, indicating the date, time and how long the technician remained testing the equipment.

¿What has 72horas achieved with the ECHO TEST system?

  • Thousands of test calls are automatic and answered by the 72horas ECHO TEST system, liberating the offices and rescue services.
  • Recording the messages of the technicians from the elevator car to the 72horas Client Web Platform and reproduce them in real time.
  • Checkups and control that technicians has visited the facilities, indicating the date, time and the duration of their intervention.
  • Possibility of sending a daily e-mail with the checkups information.
  • MOBILE AND LANDLINE. We think of the future without forgetting the thousands of existing facilities.

Cost for 72horas clients: 0€