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Flat tariff. Line + calls

72horas delivers to the maintainer an activated mobile line with a full coverage in national territory.

We offer a fixed monthly tariff including emergency and test calls.

The supplied mobile line through a SIM card satisfy all security requirements avoiding any fraudulent use . Our clients can customize all necessary restrictions and in addition these lines cannot make international calls or contact any Premium rate numbers.

Global communications solution for maintainers.


3G communication and remote management in real time.

Web platform for programming and control

Trough 72horas M2M SIM card the maintainer could connect with the elevator.

                                            What does this mean?

Thanks to developing M2M technologies by 72horas and the cooperation of majors main boards manufacturers, the maintainer can verify all necessary parameters for the correct functioning of the elevator. The elevator itself could notify a breakdown in real time through an e-mail or SMS. If the installation is situated in a large distance from the company’s office before sending an technician to attend a possible emergency it is possible to verify and confirm the problem.

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