The mobile line in the elevator opens new possibilities for applications in the elevator world. Thanks to 3G connectivity it is possible to develop interesting M2M (machine-to-machine) tools.

At present we are developing M2M capabilities for telemetry and remote control of the main board of the elevator with the cooperation of the major main board and GSM modules manufacturers.

72horas has developed an open protocol for connectivity (M2CC) to ease up the introduction of multi-platform web service. This will allow that the maintainer could interact through a PC or even a mobile phone with the main board of the elevator. It will be possible to verify the indications and parameters of the main board, detect a breakdown, remotely control the device and, all of this, behind a single service.

The GSM module with M2M capabilities and a 72horas SIM card establishes all necessary infrastructure to have full control over the elevator.

The GSM module connects to the emergency phone system providing bidirectional communication with the elevator car. The connection to the main board will be established through RS232 port (according to the type of control panel it could be RS485 or BUS-CAN).

72horas cloud allows us to:

  • Remotely operate the main board

  • Receive notifications in case of a breakdown even before the Owners Community

  • Verify an emergency call before sending a technician to check the failure

  • Program the parameters of the main board

    Increase the satisfaction of the final client, reducing the breakdowns to 0

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